DateAcronymWhat kind of activity? Forensic disciplineDescriptionCommentsCountry
29-6-2018L3IAcademic researchSensors& Images, Documents & Digital Content, Dynamics of systems and adaptivity. Jean-Marc Ogier, Nicolas SidereFR
29-6-2018DFLAcademic researchImage Analysis, Source Device Identification, Social and Criminal Network Inference, and Digital Forensics Readiness Chang-Tsun Li, Xufeng LinUK
29-6-2018NISlabAcademic research, teaching at bachelor, master and PhD level, contracted research, consultancy servicesHandwriting, signature & questioned document examination, Digital Forensics and Intrusion detection Andre Arnes, Katrin Franke, Slobodan PetrovicNO
29-6-2018CEDARAcademic research, advisory boards, contracted research, consultancy servicesStatistical identification principles, writer discrimination, latent print analysis, fingerprint individuality, shoeprint matching Sagur N. SriharyUS
29-6-2018UvA/NFIacademic research, teaching at master level, forensic casework with NFIMaster program: Forensic Science and Artificial Intelligence/Forensic Intelligence Marcel Worring, Cor J. VeenmanNL
29-6-2018UEd, Mathacademic research, teaching, advisory boardsForensic statistics Colin AitkenUK
29-6-2018ENFSIforensic research, development, training, caseworkalmost everything, see their websiteEuropean Network of Forensic Science InstitutesRestricted membership for forensic science institutesEU
29-6-2018IFRforensic researchalmost everything, see their websiteInstitute of Forensic ResearchPL
29-6-2018ECSCacademic researchAnthropologyEuropean Center for Softcomputing, special projectContact: Oscar Gordon, Sergio DamasES
29-6-2018Purdue Uniacademic research, teaching, contracted research, consultancy servicesPrinting device and technology, Digital forensics contact: Edward J. DelpUS
29-6-2018UGentacademic research, forensic caseworkForensic Imaging, Questioned documents Contact: Patrick De SmetBE
29-6-2018EPFLacademic researchForensic Speaker identification and verification, signature analysis Andrzej DrygajloCH
29-6-2018NFIForensic research, development and caseworkalmost everything, see their websitesContact: Zeno GeradtsNL
29-6-2018PPGIAacademic research diverse, see their website Cinthia FreitasBR
29-6-2018WVUacademic research, education and trainingalso many classic disciplines as chemistry, see their websiteForensic Science Initiative Contact: Lawrence HornakUS
29-6-2018IUPRacademic research, contracted research, consultancy servicesdocument analysis Thomas BreuelDE
29-6-2018ICCASacademic researchvirtual authopsy Dirk BartzDE
29-6-2018Virtopsyacademic research,development, trainingvirtual authopsy Michael ThaliCH
29-6-2018ALICEacademic researchArgument Assistants for Lawyers, writer identification, audio Bart Verheij, Lambert Schomker, Tjeerd AndringaNL
29-6-2018UCHILEacademic researchface recognition and detection, autonomous robotics Javier Ruiz del SolarCL
29-6-2018LANCSacademic researchforensic linguistic, project: “Isis – Protecting Children in Online Social Networks” Danny Hughes UK
29-6-2018MITREbasic and applied researchbasic and applied research digital forensics, linguistic and much moreThe MITRE CorporationContact: Dave Baker, Lashon B. BookerUS